The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Prime Movie Recommendations

In terms of streaming TV shows and movies, Amazon Prime offers one of the biggest catalogs that are available today. With a huge selection of films to select from, it can be difficult to pick which ones to stream. We’ve put together this article to assist you identify the most enjoyable Amazon Prime movies to watch.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an online streaming service that gives users access to a vast collection of TV shows, and other original content. It’s a subscription-based program and therefore, the customers pay a cost each month to have access to the content. The cost varies based on the plan chosen however the basic plan allows unlimited streaming of movies or TV series.

The Benefits of an Amazon Prime Subscription

The primary advantage of the Amazon Prime subscription is access to a vast selection of TV and film shows. Amazon Prime subscribers also have access to exclusive content, including Amazon Prime Originals. In addition, Amazon Prime members receive discounts on specific items like electronics and books. Certain Amazon Prime members also have access to two-day free shipping.

The Different Categories of Amazon Prime Movies

Amazon Prime movies are divided into a variety of categories, including Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family & Kids, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and Thrillers and Suspense. Each category has many movies that you can choose from.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Amazon Prime Movies

When choosing the top Amazon Prime movies, it is crucial to take into consideration the elements that define a great movie. The criteria are what is the standard of the film and the actors, the plot, the direction and the overall value of entertainment. It is also crucial to look at the reviews for the film, and the nominations and awards it has won.

The Top 10 Amazon Prime Movies

The most popular 10 Amazon Prime movies that are worth seeing:

1. The Shawshank Redemption

2. The Godfather

3. The Godfather Part II

4. The Dark Knight

5. The Silence of the Lambs

6. Schindler’s List

7. Forrest Gump

8. Saving Private Ryan

9. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

10. Pulp Fiction

The films have received the acclaim of all audiences and have been awarded numerous awards. They are considered the greatest films ever made and viewing the films through Amazon Prime is a great method to get these films.

Additional Recommended Amazon Prime Movies

Alongside the 10 top films listed above there are numerous other outstanding films through Amazon Prime. The most popular are The Green Mile, Good Will Hunting, Inception, The Big Sick, and The Imitation Game.


Amazon Prime offers an extensive collection of films and TV shows that will satisfy all. With hundreds of titles to pick from, it is difficult to choose which to see. This guide provides guidelines to select the most popular Amazon Prime movies and highlighted the top 10 films which are worth watching. In addition, it offers additional recommended films which are sure to delight. This guide will help you be guaranteed to find the ideal Amazon Prime movie for you.