How to Watch HBO Max in Germany

Are you searching for an effective method to stream HBO Max in Germany?

Below, we’ve provided a step-by-step guideline for you to view HBO Max in Germany using VPN.

HBO Max is a leading streaming service, and is accessible across the United States. It provides streaming content from some of the most popular production companies including Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, CNN, etc.

Additionally, it is home to many of the most famous television and film shows including Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, House of The Dragon, Matrix 4 as well as We Own This City on HBO Max.

You can also check out our top list of films and shows to find out the best shows to catch at HBO Max in Germany.

Without further delay let’s talk about how to enjoy HBO Max in Germany with the aid of a top VPN.

Quick Steps: How to Watch HBO Max in Germany

Follow this simple four-step process to unblock and enjoy HBO Max in Germany:

  1. Choose a high-quality VPN service. Our most popular suggestion would be ExpressVPN because of the rapid speed!
  2. Set up your VPN and then log into the VPN using your credentials.
  3. Start the VPN app and connect to your US server. (New York)
  4. Visit HBO Max’s website or app. HBO Max website or the app
  5. Enjoy streaming HBO Max in Germany.

How to Subscribe to HBO Max in Germany?

To join HBO Max, you need to have a US credit or debit card. It isn’t an easy process to acquire. But, you can purchase an HBO Now gift card and use the code to purchase the HBO Max subscription in Germany.

Here’s how to sign up to HBO Max in Germany:

1. Start your ExpressVPN application and connect to US server. US server.

2. Buy an HBO Now gift Cardonline and you will receive a 10- to 12- number gift card code via your email.

3. Visit the HBO Now gift Page, and then enter the code, region, as well as the ZIP code (e.g. Atlanta 30343 ).

4. Set up your own HBO Now or Max account using an email account and password, and then accept the HBO conditions, then click “Redeem”.

5. Now , you can are able to access HBO through the HBO Now credentials in Germany.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch HBO Max in Germany?

HBO Max is exclusive for only the US viewers and is not available in other US territories. You will require one of the VPNs that are paid to do this, or else it could stop access to any person trying to access HBO from outside the US.

If you attempt to connect to HBO Max without a VPN, HBO Max servers will detect the IP address of your computer and show this message

“HBO Max is accessible only in the US and certain US territories from your real IP address.”

But, it’s not a major issue. It is possible to bypass restrictions on your location by using premium VPNs such as ExpressVPN.

When you connect to an VPN it will hide its IP address, and then replace it an US IP. This will allow you to fool HBO Max to think you’re trying to connect from the USA.