NounsDAO Approves Proposal for NFT Movie: Unveil the First Feature-Length Animated Film

• Web3 community NounsDAO has passed a proposal to create an animated feature-length film featuring its popular non-fungible token (NFT) characters.
• The budget for the first installment has been set at $125,000 and the pilot will be revealed in 90 days.
• Atrium creatives will help write, produce, and animate the movie.

Web3 NounsDAO Approves Proposal for Feature-Length NFT Movie

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of Web3 community NounsDAO has moved ahead with plans to produce an animated film based on its popular 8-bit NFT characters. The budget for the first installment is set at $125,000 and the pilot will be revealed in 90 days. Atrium creatives William Yu, HKJay, Zen Doubt, 3DPrint Guy and Meta Ent will help write, produce and animate the movie.

Atrium Network

Atrium is a network of independent Web3 artists and creators that plans to continually produce a series of episodic content via consecutive proposals. The proposed movie is titled “Nouns: A Movie” and it will be created in multiple story acts that can be pieced together to form a feature-length cinematic production introducing Nouns to the world.

Daniel Alegre’s First Public Appearance as CEO

On Mar 15th 2023 at 2:24 am UTC, Yuga Labs’ new CEO Daniel Alegre made his first public appearance since assuming his position. He discussed this project as well as other emerging technologies like VR/AR that Yuga Labs is currently pursuing.

Rosie Perper

Rosie Perper is Deputy Managing Editor for Web3 news section focusing on metaverse, NFTs DAOs and other emerging technology topics like VR/AR. She also holds small amounts of BTC & ETH as well as several NFTs.


This project marks a major milestone for both Web3 communities and the crypto space as a whole with this being one of few truly decentralized organizations making such commitment towards quality feature length film productions.